The Last Hope
Biodiversity Sanctuaries in Danger

Our planet is abundant with life. However in some places where there is an especially large variety of animal and plant species there is also a high level of habitat destruction. These are areas that demand special protection: the “HOTSPOTS” of biodiversity.

HOTSPOTS are diffuse border territories spread across the globe. We will visit five of the most representative HOTSPOTS: Borneo, one of the most important HOTSPOTS on the planet; Australia, with a variety of significant habitats: sub-tropical rainforests, humid sclerophyllous woodlands, mountainous headlands, rocky outcrops, and transitional areas between forests; The Mediterranean biodiversity HOTSPOT, the second largest hot spot in the world; Central America, one of the world’s biodiversity hotspots that contains unique species of animals and plants in an environment that is highly threatened; and Madagascar, is a living example of how an exquisitely unique set of species have evolved through millions of years of isolation from the main continent.