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About the team

TERRA INCOGNITA DOCS is made up of a team of expert professionals with extensive experience in producing nature and travel documentaries. we know what we do and most importantly: we love doing it.

Producer. Director and founder of TIDOCS

Juan Antonio Rodríguez Llano

Juan Antonio has more than 20 years experience in promoting and directing documentaries and TV series. As director, producer and screenwriter, he is responsible for the creation of more than 100 documentaries, audiovisual projects and television series such as “Water Life”, “Wild Connections”, “The Hidden Universe”, “Wolf Wars”, “The Wild Kingdom” and “Wild Menu”.
He is one of the most prolific and successful Spanish documentary directors of the last decade. His documentaries are broadcast throughout the world on prestigious channels such as Discovery Channel, France 5, NHK, RAI, Canal Plus, TVE, etc. and his series have been seen by more than 900 million viewers. In Spain, over the last four years, 6.0% of all nature documentary series broadcast on TVE 2 each year have been produced or directed by Juan Antonio, almost two points above the network’s average.

Director of photography

Luis Miguel Ruiz Gordon

Luis Miguel is one of the top wildlife cameramen in Spain and Europe. Numerous documentary and television projects speak to his career as international camera operator and his experience as director of photography for more than 20 years has been recognised with several international awards for the best documentary photography. He has collaborated for years with Juan Antonio Rodríguez Llano, founder of TERRA INCOGNITA DOCS and has been director of photography for many of his works: “Water Life”, “Wild Connections”, “The Hidden Universe”, “Wolf Wars”, “Wild Kingdom” and “Wild Menu”.

Executive producer

Pablo Alemán

Pablo’s management and production experience has been extensive. He received a degree in International Relations from the Free University of Brussels and a Master’s Degree in International Communications from the Complutense University. As a photographer with an artist’s soul, he first went into the world of communication where he worked at the now-defunct Recoletos Group, and then he moved on to the advertising sector and to event organization. His versatile and internationally-marked profile enable the production team to focus on their work and forget about everything else.

Production Manager

Virginia García Rubio

Virginia has a degree in Information Science and she has over 20 years of experience in the audiovisual industry. She began her professional career on television, first at TeleMadrid and later at Telecinco where she coordinated cinema programming as well as the purchasing of films for the channel.
In 1999 she participated in the creation of the production company Telespan2000 S.L. as Deputy Director. At this stage, she not only participated in such blockbusters as “El otro lado de la cama”, “Días de fútbol” and “Torremolinos 73”, she also developed and produced TV and Internet series.
In 2007 she set up the Center of Studies at the Ciudad Luz de Alicante, the official film school of the Generalitat Valenciana, as Deputy Director and Director of Programs, where she has developed her work in recent years.

Assistant and 2nd Operator

Miguel Sánchez Marín

Miguel graduated from the ESCAC (School of Cinema and Audiovisuals of Catalonia), receiving a degree in directing in 2012. Since then he has had a variety of jobs in fiction film, documentaries and publicity. Some of his most outstanding works have been the co-direction of the feature film “The Innocents” (ESCAC FILMS 2013), awarded prizes at the FangoFest d’Amposta 2014 and the Blood Film Festival 2014; the direction of the short film “Dinosaur” (ESCAC FILMS 2013), awarded a prize at the FILMFEST of GRANADA 2014, the José Riera Ruiax Competition 2014, and the SGAE Nueva Autoría 2013; and the direction and camera work of the documentary “Wild Symphony” (in postproduction), about natural life in a tropical ecosystem. He is passionate about traveling and has acted as cameraman in a promotion campaign for the Lha Charitable Trust, a Tibetan refugee organization in northern India.

Mounting and Postproduction

Juan Luis Santos

Juan Luis holds a degree in Information Science and a Master in Advanced Systems. He also has a title in Audiovisual and Performance Production from the Instituto de RTVE. At the beginning of his career he worked as a graphic designer, a director of photography in advertising and as as production assistant for TVE.
In 2005, he began his specialising in making documentaries at New Atlantis. From the beginning, he has combined his experience in advertising and cinema with his work on nature documentaries, where he feels comfortable because it lets him apply all the techniques learned over the years without any restrictions.
For 10 years, he was a regular collaborator with Amprods, where he produced series such as “Life Stories” and “Wild Iberia”. In 2013, he was in charge of the entire post-production of the multi-award-winning film, “Wildmed”. His professional career has always been characterized by his desire to learn and to explore and apply new techniques in postproduction.

pototo web2

Pototo Díez

After dropping out of his Biology studies, Pototo worked for thirteen years as a press photographer for RTVE, directing the photography of a dozen documentaries and hundreds of reports for the public network. In 1994, he found the publisher ARTEC, which has published more than 50 illustrated art and nature books, of which he provided the photographic content. In 2010, he closed his company to dedicate himself to more personal projects, although he has continued his publishing work. Since 1999, he has been involved with high-definition digital photography, opening his range of work to the fashion world. He is currently working as a camera operator for the production company Terra Incógnita Docs which is a return to his origins.