If you need wildlife and nature footage, whether on the Canary Islands, on the Spanish peninsula or further afield, we are your best ally for documentary work on land, sea and in the air.

In addition to the logistical organization of your shoot, we have a highly qualified team of professionals that includes drone pilots, underwater and terrestrial camera crew and equipment, high-speed camera and live sound recording.

The Canary Islands have one of the best tax incentive systems for audiovisual production in the world, since this territory has a special legal-fiscal framework which allowing film productions to benefit from various tax deductions and advantages.

We can advise you and/or partner with you so that your production can benefit from them:

  1. Deduction for investment for foreign productions: 50% – 45%
  2. Deduction for investment in Spanish productions or co-productions: 50% – 45%
  3. Canary Islands Special Zone (ZEC), for the creation of companies in the Canary Islands, paying a reduced Corporate Tax rate of 4%, compatible with the tax benefits mentioned above.
  4. Zero 0% IGIC rate (Canary Islands VAT) applicable to fiction, animation and documentary audiovisual productions shot on the Canary Islands.

We have an extensive library of nature archive footage shot across the five continents. Please don’t hesitate to contact us regarding your purchase requirements.